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Corporate and Team Building

Inspire your staff and create an abundance of wellbeing amongst the team 

The success of any team is more than the sum of all its parts. A good solid team is based on the strength of the relationships formed within a team. By ensuring that your team are inspired, fulfilled and well bonded together, you can't beat team building days in the mountains. Giving them much needed time away from the office or work environment and quality time connecting as individuals, you will see a marked improvement in the teams overall performance and increase staff retention within your organisation.

Our aim is to inspire and fulfil your team by getting them out in nature, connecting to the environment and each other, and achieving some life goals that they did not know they had.

We create retreats based in the wild to allow your team time to bond, away from the office and create lasting friendships that will improve their sense of being a team member. Allowing them to face challenges, both personal and collective, they will come together in a unique way.

It's a unique way to get to know your team or group of colleagues, and by reducing overall stress levels and replacing with a sense of enjoyment you will enhance their sense of wellbeing.

 Here at Wyld Grace we believe that getting out and about in nature is medicine for the mind body and soul. There is nothing like getting the wind in your hair to make you feel alive. Embracing the elements and accepting what is at any given moment, you can achieve things that you didn't think possible.

Sign your team up now. Please contact us for more details and how to make the perfect retreat for your team.

Perfect Touches

The accommodation can be hand picked for your group and will be completely surrounded by nature. Simple and stylish accommodation with lots of options to choose from.

Local Food

The in-house chefs use locally sourced food to keep your senses delighted and tastebuds tingling. Colourful and creative you will be blown away with the culinary delights.


There are endless hikes the Uk you just need to pick your location and we shall do the rest. We can promise you that the scenery will be breathtaking and we can plan hikes that are suitable for your group.


There are plenty of different venues to choose from, including high end luxury and budget style glamping. Whatever your requirements we can offer you a range of places that will blow your mind.

With a selection of single occupancy with ensuite, double rooms with shared bathrooms and some quirky outdoor alternatives we can match the accommodation style to your preferences. 

Just get in touch and have a chat and we will send you over a selection to choose from.

Tailor made to suit your employees and budget.

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