Laura Grace

Snowdonia National Park

Friday 23rd  – Monday 26th August 2024 

Eryri National park is quite simply breath taking. 

The mountains hold a mystery and story all of their own. they have a certain magic and definately require the ultimate respect.  

They will welcome you with open arms and surround you with their magnificence but those that dare to step their feet upon these ancient sacred grounds must do so with the greatest appreciation and honour.

We will be guided by a local professional Mountain Leader (ML) who will ensure that everyone is in the safest hands. We will tailor the walk to those that appear and so whatever you perceived personal limits, we shall make sure you get up and down safely. 

Be prepared to have your mind blown and also be prepared to want to come back again and again and again.

The mountains teach us to be present. To really live in the moment. The fresh air can clean your thoughts and polish your lungs. Making you feel alive and connected to life once more.

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Laura Grace lived in Scotland for a number of years managing and caring for the international yoga retreat centre known as ecoYoga. She fell in love with the mountains up there and was often out walking the munro's finding solitude on her days off from running the busy centre. Generally she was very spoilt. She had a chef 85% of the time, hot tubs, sauna and out door baths were hidden in every nook and cranny of the land and bathing in nature was a big theme of the ecoYoga centre. Life was indeed one long yoga retreat… for many years.
Laura has extensive experience running, teaching and hosting retreats. In fact it was her way of life for many moons and so it now comes as second nature to her. She is now exploring the hiking side of the retreats and combining her love of the mountains and being out in the wilderness with the practice of yoga itself. She is currently undergoing Hill and Moorland Training to become a Hill and Moorland Leader - meaning she will be fully prepared to take people out in the wild. Having utmost respect for the mountains and acknowledging mother natures power she will recruit the help of a qualified Mountain Leader whenever the altitude gets high or the terrain gets rocky. 

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Intermediate Level **

Embark on extended hikes with elevated terrains, tailored for moderately experienced walkers looking to push their boundaries. This is paired with slightly more demanding yoga practices to elevate the challenge and enhance your overall fitness.

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 Wyld Wales

At Wyld Grace we believe that getting out and about in nature is medicine for the mind body and soul. There is nothing like getting the wind in your hair to make you feel alive. Embracing the elements and accepting what is at any given moment, you can achieve things that you didn't think possible.

Perfect Touches

The accommodation is set in the stunning grounds of Brynn Llys, and is completely surrounded by nature. Simple and stylish accommodation with lots of options to choose from.

Local Food

The in-house chef uses locally sourced food to keep your senses delighted and tastebuds tingling. Colourful and creative you will be blown away with the culinary delights.


There are endless hikes around the Eryri national park and the views are quite simply stunning.The landscape is breathtaking and you will fall in love it with quite quickly.


There are plenty of different options to choose from at this wonderful venue. There are 3 twin rooms with two single beds, for sharing with a friend or partner, or a fellow retreater. The beds can also be pushed together to make a double.

There are also two family rooms with a kingsized bed and two twins on a mezzanie floor. Perfect for a group of friends.

There is also a cottage available for a bit more privacy which as two double rooms. Ideal for two friends or a couple and a friend. Please enquire for details as this has to be booked separately and so depends on availability.

The best thing about this place is that there is also a camp site - for a cheaper back to nature option - and a motorhome pitch with electric hook up. Please enquire for details about camping.

Please email us for a retreat pdf - hello@wyldgrace.co.uk

Twin Room - Shared with a friend

Twin room

Shared Room - Ensuite bathroom




550 per person

  • Single bed - Twin
  • Food and Accommodation 
  • Yoga and hiking

Double Bed - Single occupancy

Single Occupancy

Single Room - Ensuite bathroom




645 per person

  • Double Bed
  • Food and Accommodation 
  • Yoga and hiking
  • Yoga Instruction and Hikes  
  • Brunch and Dinner included 
  • Accommodation 
  • Activities 

Email:  hello@wyldgrace.co.uk - Please email us for a retreat pdf 

Phone: +447423192566

Raised in the heart of the Swiss alps, my connection to nature runs deep in my veins. Exploring the world’s wild landscapes has been my guidebook to understanding life's true essence. Nature, to me, is a tool for introspection—a way to unearth what truly matters.

Having learned respect for nature's silent power and acknowledged the delicate balance we maintain with our environment, my hope now is to share the insights gained from my outdoor journey, offering others a taste of the transformative power of nature's simplicity.

With a background in outdoor education, my journey is not just about traversing trails but about fostering connections—within oneself and with others. In the heart of Snowdonia, I create spaces for introspection and growth and weave tailored experiences that blend adventure and mindfulness to suit your goals and ambitions. I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery and be witness to the power of our natural landscapes.

Please email us for a retreat pdf - hello@wyldgrace.co.uk

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Email:  hello@wyldgrace.co.uk

Phone: +447423192566