Laura Grace

Isle Of Skye

Thursday 19th October  – Monday 23rd October 2023 

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.....

 After nearly 11 years of practice Laura Grace left the Ashtanga Vinyasa 'label' of practicing yoga. Still following the method and sequence but as set out by her inner teacher and not an external one. After the scandal and stories of abuse came to light, after injuring herself over and over by trying to force a method that did not work for her body, after being hurt by adjustments that worked against her body and not with it, after giving her authority away one too many times..... she left. Quietly and contently. She went her own way......

 When she realised that you can still keep practicing and following what you believe in. When she realised it was her practice and no-one else's. When she understood that she knew her body and what was going on with it better than any other teacher. When she reclaimed her yoga practice exactly as it was.....

 She finally realised that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.....

 Laura Grace is now a certified non-traditional, non-dogmatic, non rule orientated leader of her own yoga... and she teaches people to do the same. To BE their own teacher.

At Wyld Grace we believe that getting out and about in nature is medicine for the mind body and soul. There is nothing like getting the wind in your hair to make you feel alive. Embracing the elements and accepting what is at any given moment, you can achieve things that you didn't think possible.

Perfect Touches

The accommodation is set in the stunning isle of Skye, and is completely surrounded by nature. Simple and stylish accommodation with lots of options to choose from.

Local Food

The in-house chef and owner use locally sourced food to keep your senses delighted and tastebuds tingling. Colourful and creative you will be blown away with the culinary delights.


There are endless hikes around the Isle of Skye and the views are glorious. The scenery is quite simply breathtaking and your eyes will widen with every corner turned.



There are plenty of different rooms to choose from, single occupancy with ensuite, double rooms for partners or friends. The rooms are stunning with breath taking views right out of the window. The perfect spot to sit and relax, watch nature and look for eagles. 

  • Yoga Instruction - £200 -Paid directly to Laura Grace
  • Brunch and Dinner included 
  • Accommodation 
  • Activities 

John Angus - Owner and Chef

John was bought up on the isle of Skye and has always had a deep love for the West Coast of Scotland. He now has a family and would not want to bring his family up anywhere else. Last year he opened 'SELF' a Scottish health food truck. He did it for 'SELF'ish reasons as he wanted to be surrounded by nutritious food and drink. For 'SELFless' reasons he wanted people to be able to work in better environments and be able to access wellness in a place that is like a wellness desert. 

John is determined to be a part of the movement that brings even the possibility for healing to the village that he works on and hopefully it will spread to the whole country.

Twin Room or Double 

  • Two single beds / one double
  • En suite bathroom
  • Plus yoga Fee £200



Single Room Ensuite

  • Single Occupancy Room
  • Ensuite bathroom
  • Plus yoga Fee £200


Contact Information

Stone Cairn

Find us here: Retreats on the Wyld side

Email:  hello@wyldgrace.co.uk

Phone: +447423192566